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Advanced Diver Certification

This course teaches divers who already have the Open Water Certification the knowledge and foundation required to safely plan and complete a dive in advanced diving conditions and up to 30 meters deep. The course gives divers a lifelong, international PADI Advanced Diver Certification. The course takes 2 days minimum to complete.


The course includes five adventure dives in open water, where conditions will be used to increase ability in selected adventures (see list below).  All dives will take place in the dive-sites described in our map and will be chosen based on adventure dives.

Students must complete the following:

- Read 5 chapters, each of which explains a different adventure dive, and complete the knowledge review questions at the end of each chapter

- Complete 2 required specialty dives in open water: Deep Diving (max 30 meters) and Underwater Navigation (compass and visual)

- Complete 3 adventure dives chosen from the following list:

   Diving in Wrecks

   Night Dive

   Drift Diving

   Multilevel and Computer Diving

   Underwater Propulsion Vehicle

   Perfect Buoyancy

   Search and Recovery

   Underwater Nature Study

   Underwater Photography

   Underwater Videographer

   Among others!

What's Included

- Advanced Open Water Diver Manual (the student will keep this as a reference manual)

- A class session before each dive with a PADI instructor to brief the dive and focus on relevant facts for the dive

- PADI registration and processing, and Advanced Open Water Diver certification card

- Full SCUBA equipment: Buoyancy compensator device, scuba regulator, fins, mask, belt, weights, wetsuit if needed

- 5 tanks (1 per dive)

- Paraiso Dive Cartagena Nautical transportation to and from dive sites in fast boat with professional pilot

- Snacks and drinks during day trips

- Day pass to Blue Apple Beach Club on days you dive (what you consume in resort not included)

- An assistant instructor during the open water dives if needed

- Photos of the course will also be available!​

             Price is 1,750,000 if you pay in CO pesos, or is $440 if you pay in dolars.

30% downpayment with reservation, fully refundable until 24hrs before the trip.
                                                   That is the no show fee.

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